developing innovative Software for Web + Mobile
we are excellent in following areas:

Web + Server

Every platform needs a server and with our basic framework and our libraries we can offer a faster server development. We support unix and windows based stacks.

Community, Chat and Messaging

We are using the excellent RocketChat Engine as base for custom solutions and integration to existing sites. This way we deliver fast and reliable messaging and community functions

Bluetooth and NFC communication

We have expertise in connecting home-automation devices and all kind of fitness and Health sensors collecting medical data. We do agent software and device management for Bluetooth connected sensors.

Mobile Banking Apps

We are developing mobile banking Apps and we make that with proper security: not only secure communication, but also with device-detection, anti-jailbreak and data protection with encryption.

Native Mobile

especially when there is Bluetooth interfacing or a lot of communication or the App requires attentition for a strict Power/Battery management. For all other cases we like to use cross platform frameworks.

good in solving problems and developing solutions

Expert Know-How in mobile Apps with NFC communication

Professional Project and Team Management

Operations + Support for Servers and Apps

what we can do for You

Consulting – Specs – Design

every project starts with an idea. Then it´s finding the right technology, database, functionality and User. We can help on every part of that and we can write the project specification for you together with a wireframe of the future solution. This is an important preparation for the software development part and our expertise can help you to get this done effectively. In addition a rapid prototyping or partial testcode can help you to take better decisions for the final software.

Tell us what you want to do
– we like to share ideas –
first call and talks are free.

Software Development

We have a more efficient approach to development teams. There are a few people covering large parts of the development. But then also some database work needs to be done, and some graphical design and a bit HTML/CSS or a cloud server and cloud services have to be setup and prepared. All this special work is done in our core team where we have experts supporting the development groups in special tasks. The core team is working and supporting all development groups – means you do not need to hire dedicated people for part time tasks.

Service and Support

you need 24×7 support for your servers ? Technical Support as well as customer care via online chat, email or phone. Or simply just someone to take over extensive testing ?
We offer that as part of our managed services – with service level agreements. With flexible contracts and working hours.

Company Facts

Company Facts

Quadecco Group
founded 2007

we deliver
QUAlity DEvelopment Customer COmmitted


Munich / Germany — Headquarter
New-York / United States
Kharkov / Ukraine

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Svetlana Solovyova, Director Quadecco Group

As founder and chief executive officer, Svetlana Solovyova has built and established Quadecco as a successfull and innovative IT company with more then 100 customers mainly in Europe and United States. She brings 15 years of experience working in Eastern Europe and in IT.

Svetlana brings a wealth of experience in commercial operations, strategy, delivery, finance, marketing, sales, and brings a deep knowledge of the dynamic global outsourcing market.

Mrs. Solovyova holds a degree in psychology and language and is apart from Quadecco also director and shareholder of ThatsMobile, a mobile development company offering high security data exchange and access solutions.

Hans-Juergen Rinser, Director Quadecco Group

Hans-Juergen Rinser is the technical head and one of the founders of Quadecco. He is technology focussed and he helped a large number of customers building successfull products. Mr. Rinser brings 10 years of experience with Quadecco in Eastern Europe and 25 years of IT expertise.

Apart from Quadecco Mr. Rinser is the founder and chief technical officer of ThatsMobile, a company developing Files2Go – a high security software for file sharing and secure file access.

Previously, 2003 – 2012 Mr. Rinser also co-founded ubitexx, developing one of the first multi platform mobile device management solutions and that was sold successfully to Blackberry in 2012. 

Mr. Rinser holds a diploma in physics from the Technical University of Munich.

Sergey Timonov, CTO Quadecco Ukraine

Sergey Timonov is the Director of the Ukrainian Branch and has extensive background leading and driving all phases of software projects and client engagements with the largest brands. He has about 20 years of experience working in the Information Technology and the Software and Outsourcing Industries.

He became an expert in the business and technology world by working his way up from software engineer and researcher, to executive and co-founder of different companies.

Sergey Timonov holds a Master degree of National Technical University of Ukraine in applied mathematics and computer science.


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